Connectivity- Big Thinkers

The most interesting part to technology is the connection that it brings to everyone around them. My parents always say how social media and technology are ruining things but in my opinion, I think Social Media is amazing and the way that you can stay in touch with your family and friends nowadays is great. One phone call or message every once and awhile in always a good way to keep in touch with people but now you can follow them on twitter, instagram, or have them on snapchat. So nowadays people will know what your doing at all times which could be good or bad. I like to stay connected to the people that I care about most and I can’t imagine what it was like back in the day when social media wasn’t around. After watching the video “Big Thinkers”, it talks about how social media can bring a lot of fun to most teens today but it can also bring the professionalism and career interest out of people. I wanna be able to make social media more valuable and more on a professional note from now on.


Digital Learning Reading

People tend to use different languages when they are trying to get a message across and it has been going on for many decades. It is now present in our social media that everyone can see. It all started when it went back to Acient Greece they used to use tables in order to pass a message on to each other. People nowadays see so many examples around them of messages used for people to communicate. People see grafittieĀ on walls, passing notes to peers in class, and texting codes in order to get a point across. For example, kids will text ttyl which means “talk to you later” or they will say gtg which means “got to go.” Coding could be used in songs that we hear nowadays and in tv shows or movies. Inside jokes are another way of coding. Us as people need to see the coding that is all around us and need to find out the real truth of social media. Nobody sees the real coding around us.

Being A Passionate Sports Fan

My entire life I have been crazy about sports. I always played sports with my friends and always enjoyed to watch it. Every night I would watch professional sports teams play and sit there in amaze. I grew up watching the New York Knicks because my dad and brother liked them. Also, my brother loved the Baltimore Ravens and I always watched the games with him every sunday. My favorite player Ray Lewis. I became a Yankees fan when I was five years old. The Yankees were a dynasty in the MLB and my papa would watch every game. He never was a Yankees fan he just always said I like watching good baseball. I fell in love with the Yankee tradition of winning. Also, the rivalry with the Red Sox made me love the Yankees and baseball even more. Being a passionate sports fan means a lot to me because I love sports and it brings people together. My whole family is connected from sports because of the teams we like. Being a passionate sports fan is awesome.

Science of making an athletic shoe

Feet can always take a beating as we are always on them when trying to go somewhere. Aproximatley 700 pounds of force is driven into the foot each stride a human takes. Imagine that. Many athletic shoes are created to stop that pressure and make each stride have less stress. The main focus for scientist who create the shoes is the arch of someones foot. The arch is where you get most the stress and it is a very important key to being able to walk. Scientists have athletes get their feet wet and step onto a brown grocery bag for about 10 seconds. Next they trace the foot and get a sketch of it. Using that sketch and the length and width of both the foot and arch of the foot will give you the pair of athletic shoes that you may need. This is just a little of the science behind making an athletic shoe.

First blog post of reading

While reading “It’s Complicated” by Danah Boyed, it has become clear to me that the teens that are brought up into the social network age are different from others. People can join social media and be a completely different person than who they actually are. Teens seem to escape the responsibilities and the reality of real life. Social Media allows young teens to socialize with other peers as it brings people together. Social media can be negative as well because of the inappropriate things that could be put out there for everyone to see. A lot of private information has been put out into social media nowadays because of teens being reckless. Social Media is good for the news and updates on sports but not for personal information to be put out.