Strong and Weak Readers

In the videos, the weak readers are the ones to copy a question word for word into the search bar which gave him a very limited range of articles to use. Also, the reader used very limited skill set when it came to answering the questions. The weak reader did not use great credible sources when looking to answer the questions. Furthermore, the weak readers copy and pasted from the websites which is plagiarism and doesn’t help them become a better reader. The weak reader used only one source instead of using multiple sources which wouldn’t help improve their knowledge on the subject. The weak readers also copy and pasted the websites they used and put them as the answers to the questions.

In the videos of the strong readers they used many different sources to answer the question. The strong reader would break the question down in pieces to come to a conclusion. The strong readers looked up authors of the articles that he was going to use because they wanted to see how many years of experience that author has in the field. They also looked in the biography or profile on the website to approve the credibility. Strong readers also looked beyond the question to gather more and more information to answer their question.


Importance of Social Media

Social Media is around us all the time in today’s world. Almost everyone you know either has snapchat, twitter, Facebook, or instagram. It’s very hard to find someone who doesn’t have social media. Social media could be important to people because you receive news from people who could be important to you. When I go on twitter I like to see news and updates on my favorite sports teams. Whenever my team is playing or is thinking about making a big trade I will go on twitter to stay updated. In addition, twitter could feed news that doesn’t involve sports. I see political news and local news on my twitter feed all the time because of all the people that talk about. In reality, social media keeps us connected in this world. People can also use social media to catch up with old friends and family. For example, my dad hates social media but he uses face book to see what his friends that he grew up with are doing and it keeps him in contact with them which is good. I have friends who go to school in different states and its cool to see what they are doing and how they are doing. Also, following famous people on social media is good because you can find out news about them almost instantly. This is why social media is important instead of being a negative.

Media Literacy

Students in today’s day lack a certain outlet that they should have. Students in a classroom will sit in rows, coming to the same answer on a quiz, or receiving hundreds on assignments. In the past, technology has blown up and it has been amazing to see all these cool new items being made and nobody would imagine all these products being made. Technology is all around us and in school we know very little about it because of the teaching. The education system should rethink that so that it will help future generations to come. The goal should be to encourage the youth of tomorrow to develop the skills, knowledge, ethical framework, and self-confidence needed to be full participants in contemporary culture. This goal can be reached with the teaching and learning of media literacy. Media Literacy will use technology as a tool in the classroom transcending community collaboration and innovation.Students can create and work with skills that they can use in the digital age. Schools think technology is bad but they need to get that out of their thoughts because technology is everywhere around us. Students are most engaged in multi-tasking, becoming proficient at navigation which is exactly what technology will bring on a world-wide scale. Teaching Media Literacy is the future. The education system should not be stuck in the past.

Twitter talk

The twitter chat for our class #edu106 is a way for teachers to show ideas for teaching in a classroom setting. The twitter chat also allows the teachers to express certain opinions and views on teaching and education. The whole purpose of the twitter chat is for teachers to show new ideas for teaching for future generations to come. The chat is for private or public school teachers as it varies. Teachers can use this chat to learn new ways of teaching their students in the classroom. Furthermore, it serves as an aid for them and their students. The #educhat offers a variety of pictures, tweets, motivational sayings, and personal stories for all to read and learn from and these could all show examples for them to follow. One tweet came from The Global Educator Inst. and it included a picture of a red crayon that was broken and say #students and #strongteachers. Also, it said to never give up and this picture was really deep because it stated that students could learn even if they have some weaknesses. The red crayon is basically representing a student and its broken because it has the weaknesses but could still learn. Teachers can’t give up on students because then the students will start to give up.The #educhat will help teachers improve their abilities to teach and to have new and better ways of teaching a classroom.