Strong and Weak Readers

In the videos, the weak readers are the ones to copy a question word for word into the search bar which gave him a very limited range of articles to use. Also, the reader used very limited skill set when it came to answering the questions. The weak reader did not use great credible sources when looking to answer the questions. Furthermore, the weak readers copy and pasted from the websites which is plagiarism and doesn’t help them become a better reader. The weak reader used only one source instead of using multiple sources which wouldn’t help improve their knowledge on the subject. The weak readers also copy and pasted the websites they used and put them as the answers to the questions.

In the videos of the strong readers they used many different sources to answer the question. The strong reader would break the question down in pieces to come to a conclusion. The strong readers looked up authors of the articles that he was going to use because they wanted to see how many years of experience that author has in the field. They also looked in the biography or profile on the website to approve the credibility. Strong readers also looked beyond the question to gather more and more information to answer their question.


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