Autism Speaks As a Connected Learning

Autism Speaks is very peer supported. This is because many people with Autism get support from everyone all over the place. It is a very good place to go learn about Autism. They host many fundraisers to get people to learn more and more about Autism all the time. All of the funds that Autism speaks raises goes towards looking at research for a cure to Autism and how to further the help that they already receive. This page shows many many different people in and out of the country that show support for Autism as much as they can which is very comforting.

The organization Autism Speaks is very openly networked. The popular organization helps people to learn about autism and use it throughout many areas of their lives like in school, at home, and in the community. People need to become educated on Autism because it is a very common disease. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates autism’s prevalence as 1 in 68 children in the United States. This includes 1 in 42 boys and 1 in 189 girls. As future teachers, this facebook page is beneficial because we can learn about our students disabilities on a whole different level. The page has testimonies and many stories about how Autism has changed a family’s life. As people, we can become advocates for Autism and educate those who don’t understand what the disease is. We can understand the gifts these students are able to have and even some of the things they struggle daily with.


Autism Speaks is not production centered since it doesn’t meet the criteria. Autism Speaks is a global program that helps to promote solutions to autistic kids and helps to increase the understanding and acceptance of autism. Autism speaks has began to advance their research into causes and into better research. Autism Speaks has many program for you to get involved in. There are walks and events. You can go on there website and find a walk near you where you can attend and support the cause. They had a huge event where acclaimed chef’s from around the country showcased their skills from New York City for the 10th annual Autism Speaks Celebrity Chef Gala hosted by Autism Speaks. This was one of there biggest events that was shared all over the country. They try to spread the awareness of autism and the current news on cures and how you can help find a cure and continue the research in autism. They want us to get involved to make a difference.
Autism speaks is a well-run organization that spreads awareness about the disease that is becoming more and more common each year. Many people in today’s day don’t know too much about the disease and it’s disappointing because more and more kids are being born with autism and parents and kids should learn about the disease. Teachers in school should show students the importance of autism and what the disease does and how it comes around. Parents should also know the importance of autism because it’s been showing up more and more. Students and parents need to be more academically oriented about the autism speaks program because it really does get the word out about autism and it helps people in America and around the world know about the disease that is becoming more and more common. People must learn about the website through an academically oriented way.


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