Social Media Views

Twitter, Instagram, and snapchat are the most common used social media apps used in today’s world. Facebook was the biggest source of social media but nowadays it isn’t as popular. I never had Facebook but I do have twitter, instagram, snapchat. Twitter in my opinion is the most used because all of my friends have it and use it almost everyday. Instagram is used by a lot of people but some people only post pictures every once and awhile. I rarely use instagram but I do use twitter a lot. Twitter you can find so many updates on news and I like it because I can find out news about my favorite sports teams.

People use twitter and other social media sources to get the word out about a business or a community group. Religious groups for example use twitter to get the word out about their news and what their group is doing. Social media are used all the time because of the new era of technology. Everyone has a smart phone so its easy to download the app and then create either a twitter, instagram, Facebook, or snapchat. I will end up deleting all my social media when I am older because when I am older there is no reason to keep posting all the things I post now as a teenager.


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